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Fatigue is an experimental horror game inspired by old survival horror classics. Its gameplay combines puzzle solving and filling your characters needs. You have to avoid illnesses and stay healthy, while trying to find out who or what killed Larry Harper.

The game starts when detective John Foley gets fired from his job due to his incompetence and lack of mental stability. Following his employers will, John takes a vocation in a small town of Pine Lake. Secretly he's planing to start his own investigations, on a suspicious case of death, which recently occurred at the same hotel he's planing to stay in. In no time he finds him self stranded in the empty Pinelake Inn.

Fatigue strongly relies on atmosphere and aims to tell a story about dependence on others, decaying trust, and paranoia.

The project is currently on hold but I hope I'll be able to get back to it at some point. For the meantime here is a little demo that shows a little bit of the direction in which the project is heading.

Update 23.10.2016 New control scheme. Some interaction issues fixed. Inventory system modified.

Install instructions

Game should work just by extracting the .zip file and then running the .exe file.


Fatigue pre-alpha Demo.zip 212 MB
Fatigue pre-alpha demo mac.zip 185 MB
Fatigue pre-alpha demo linux.zip 184 MB


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guess development ceased....

Hi, just wanted to check with you if the development will start back again one day? Or is it canceled? The game has a very nice look!

Very interesting stuff, I'd be interested in seeing what you'd do with it if you ever do finish the project. Great visual style and gameplay, though I would say the hunger/fatigue was a bit unforgiving at the start. There were a few instances of the language not being quite right but overall a very neat, original experience. Good stuff.

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First off, I loved this game! I really hope you get around to finishing it eventually.

If anyone is on the fence about this game I am an indie horror game reviewer, you can see my review here;

Fatigue Review

I played this and I really loved this. It's unique and athmospheric and I can't say for sure why but it's somehow just right.

I might be wrong, but are we playing a guy who is deadly ill? Because if not the extreme sudden death seems a little silly. But I guess I'll find out if you continue (please do ;) ).

I just hope you don't add any action portions to it because the controls don't feel like they would lend themselves very well to that. Just grim and dark puzzling and figuring out how to live would be my absolute dream.

I also made a video about playing your game:


I like where you are going with this! The survival aspects were good but I didn't think they were explained in the beginning but I did work them out on my own. Other than that more horror aspects would be awesome but that's just me nit picking. So far so good otherwise! Keep up the good work!

Great video! I'm glad you liked the demo! I'm hoping to make survival mechanics so that players discover them by themselves. I try to minimize hand holding and maximize the joy of discovery. I'm not quite sure how well it's working out right now. At least the beginning of the game seems a bit brutal. Thanks for playing, and thanks for linking the video! It helps to see how people are playing the game when they play it for the first time.

I can respect that! To be honest it was fun dying to the common cold several times. Gave me a good laugh :)

This is a really cool and interesting top down adventure style game. The graphics are well done, the atmosphere is spot on, and the story is weird and interesting. This is the first time I've ever seen a mechanic of managing your characters physical attributes like sleep and energy. As well as managing your characters stress and.....hand cleanliness? Aside from a bit of wandering around and figuring out where to go. The game itself did a decent job at pushing you in the direction you needed to go once you found a clue as to what to do next. I really like how unique this game is when it comes to mechanics and its old game style and look forward to checking out the full game upon completion. I did a video on my experience with the demo if anyone is interested.

WHERE IS EVERYONE!?! | Fatigue Pre-Alpha Demo

Thanks for playing the game! I'm glad you liked it. And thanks for the video! It's allot easier to determine what are the things that need some work when you see someone playing the game for the first time. You didn't say anything about the logic of the stress but if it seemed vague, it was viewing player stats that increased the stress level. In time stress goes down by it self if you don't view the stats. There was this hint prompt about it that almost everyone who have played the game so far, seem to have missed :D I've probably need to make it some how more clear.

I finished your demo, I liked this game it showed some abilities that I have not seen before, little unusual and took me a bit of time to understand what to do but I am pleased with it, if this is not on the Gamejolt website it should be, I think a lot of people would enjoy this and it gets my 5/5. Gameplay link is below:

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Thanks for playing! Now that I've seen few videos I definitely agree that the game needs some balancing. I'm not sure if you noticed this but if the logic behind stress seemed vague, it was viewing player stats that increased the stress level. In time stress goes down by it self if you don't view the stats. There was a hint prompt about it that almost everyone who have played the game, seem to have missed so far :D

Ah yes that makes sense, this is a detailed game and it will take time to figure out even for me but that is good, I like attention to detail such as this. Bit concerned about the weight gain, I thought it was because I went to bed just after eating, and I'm pretty sure I got SO FAT...haha. I saw also you got greenlit congratulations on that. A game like this clearly needs passion.

Yeah, that's exactly why you got fat :D There definitely is a lot of rules in the game and a lot of the fun should be on discovering and understanding those rules, and then using them to progress in the game. Problem is to get the rules simple but intuitive enough for them to make sense, and at the same time to be a bit exaggerated and nightmareish. Thanks for your kind words and support! Also a great video and interesting looking channel!

You have sold it well to me with a good description and screenshots, I will play it now and let you know how it goes.